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Field update from the crew

Relayed to me via phone by Thomas Bérubé, Bryce’s crew leader:

“Bryce started the race yesterday (Sunday) at 9:00AM. The first 100 miles were very strong. The day grew very hot–over 100 degrees most of the day–and by late in the afternoon Bryce showed signs of heat exhaustion.

“Towards evening, we pulled him off the bike for 2 1/2 hours. When we got him off the bike, Bryce was suffering badly from the heat: shaking, cramping, and obviously dehydrated. We fed him and watered him well, gave him some electrolyte capsules to help with the dehydration, and then sent him to sleep it off.

“Once back on the bike, Bryce began to steadily improve. He was much better today and even during a big climb, was flying up the hill.

“Bryce passed two other athletes today, one of which prides himself in his climbing ability, and Bryce easily passed him on today’s climb. I take this as a very good sign and see Bryce making up the lost time from the heat exhaustion.”

Stats updated; Walsh moves to 7th

Here’s the stats sheet. Bryce just hit Timestation 6 in Congress, AZ.

From what I gather, this puts Bryce at roughly 9 hours behind the leader. Although, it’s really less than that since Bryce has already taken 158 minutes of rest time, and the two leaders have yet to take any.

Here’s the map, which will continue to be updated over the course of the race:

As always, email carter@pundo.com with questions, comments, or any changes to the race that you know about, that haven’t been captured here.

Race is underway; Walsh in 10th


The race is underway as of yesterday. Bryce is currently in 10th, according to this page from RAAM.

Also, check out the map of the route. When I start getting GPS information from the crew, I’ll update a map here to show Bryce’s location. Hopefully we’ll get some reports “from the field” as well. Keep checking back!

3 Days to RAAM Start

Hard to believe that the race is just days away. I am now in Los Angeles. Waiting for crew members to arrive and preparing to pick up the RV before heading down to Oceanside CA for the various pre-race hoops to jump through.

I’m feeling good, if a bit anxious. All the training is over. All 8500+ miles this year. Running errands and organizing is nearly at an end. All I have left is to go for a bike ride.
Special thanks to all the people who came out to Cals last Thursday night and everyone who sent in donations. The help is greatly appreciated.

Some additional sponsors have signed on in the last few weeks. Turin Bike Shop, Lake Shoes, Insight Sign Company, and Ametric Supply Company.

The crew will be posting updates here throughout the race or checkout the reports at www.raceacrossamerica.org.

RAAM Benefit – June 1 Cal’s Bar

Benefit Flyer

Cal’s Bar at Wells and Van Buren has been nice enough to host a night of music and drinking to raise money for my impending attempt at Race Across America.

Music will start early at 8:00 pm. Musicians scheduled to play are:
The Getouts
Lil Issac and the Dirty Stank
Sappy from the Siderunners

Hope to see you all there for a last send off.

Colorado RAAM Course Recon

I’ve just completed riding the RAAM course from Durango to Trinidad(and back again). Beautiful scenery was tempered by rain, snow, ice, and hail. Hopefully another month will raise the temperatures a bit.

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