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Litespeed C1R in 3D Series: Field Notes with Bryce Walsh – One Man, One Bike

Second entry in the series on the Litespeed blog on why I’m using the Litespeed C1R this year for all my races in 2011 from Race Across Oregon to Paris-Brest-Paris :

One Man, One Bike

Ultracyclist Bryce Walsh recently went from training and racing with two bikes—an Independent Fabrication XS and a Cervelo P3C—based on the terrain and type of race to exclusively using a new Litespeed Archon C1R. The transition has made him quite content so far. “Litespeed has been so good for this season,” Bryce says. “The Litespeed gives me aerodynamics, but I don’t feel like I’m bouncing around and getting beat up as bad. I’m getting the best of both worlds.” Read more at the Litespeed Blog