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First Outdoor Ride of the Year

32 degrees and some wind. 4 hours, 65 miles. Nice to be outside.

Along the way I encountered:

  1. An ice flow covering the bike path along the lakefront that made me look like a 5 year old on his first set of skates.
  2. A guy on a mountain bike wearing a motorcycle helmet with a spinning light on the top, made me think of Fahrenheit 451.
  3. Another in a ski jacket on ten speed who nearly crashed while trying to wave.
  4. Quite a few runners, a much saner activity this time of year.
  5. 5 cars that pulled out of parking spaces directly in front of me without looking.
  6. Very few other cyclists.

Indoor Time Trial #1

I did an indoor time trial this past weekend. I ignored my plan for a long outdoor ride and drove up to do a 30 minute computrainer race. 30 long minutes.  It always seems like a fun idea when I register.

A few years ago I did my first indoor time trial. I had completed some pretty hard races the summer before and was feeling pretty confident. It was 10K long. The shortest race I’d ever done to that point.  I placed nearly last. Next to me, a relatively obese older fellow pedaled along happily as i suffered miserably.

This one went a bit better. Though in my typical way I went out too hard, before realizing Im not Lance. Still, it was a decent showing. I’m sure it will be fun next week.

Paris-Brest-Paris… It was a dark and stormy night

and day and night and day.

I have completed my second PBP and somewhat back to a clear head, though I’m told I look awful. We are in the process of collecting some friends along the course that have had to drop out.

Weather was nothing short of awful. Cold, rain and wind. Maybe 4 hours of sunshine in the 65 hours I was on the road. Rumors so far suggest a DNF rate over 30%.

The ride did not go to plan at all. Scott and I managed to get into the first wave of riders leaving at 8:00 pm. 500 riders per wave. Rain started minutes later. Pace was high, but not unreasonable. I attempted to move further up toward the front to avoid the energy sapping accordion effect that occurs when sitting at the back of a paceline. Eventually, we found ourselves looking at a large gap to bridge. I looked over at Scott and said, “We have to decide now if we really want to stay with the lead pack, or ride our own pace”. “lets go”. So I pushed hard to get across the gap and move up through the field, when I heard, “Bryce”. I look back and Scotts crank arm has fallen off. It is hanging from his shoe.

We stop and he reattaches the crank arm. We get moving again and start moving up through the packs, however it was becoming apparent I used far too much energy for this early in a 750 mile ride. The crank arm comes loose again and we somehow get off course and do an additional 9 miles before even getting to the optional checkpoint at Mortagne. When we reach the first real checkpoint at Villaines-la-Juhel I am toast and I have 1000 km to go.
more to come..

Chicago Cycling Club Meeting – RAAM Storytelling

I’ll be speaking to the Chicago Cycling Club Tuesday November 14 at 6:30 pm about my RAAM experience.

The meeting will be held at the Chicago Public Library Uptown Branch located at W. Buena Ave. Buena is a short block between Sheridan and Broadway. It is one and a half blocks south of Montrose Avenue and three blocks north of Irving Park Road. For CTA service take the 151 Sheridan or 36 Broadway Buses as well as the Wilson or Sheridan stations on the Red Line. Click here for a Mapquest map.

What to do after RAAM? … Track Racing.

Track MadisonAfter RAAM was completed and I had begun to re-integrate into society, I was looking for new ways to get a workout in and have some fun on the bike without spending 8 to 12 to 20+ hours in the saddle. One of my realizations following RAAM, is that I need to bump my average speed up. So speed work is in order. What better way to do that than do some racing that is all about speed.

I borrowed a track bike and headed out to the Ed Rudolph Northbrook Velodrome for the Monday Night Track Clinic. Chris Mailing from Turin runs the Monday night clinic and introduced me to the group with “What type of bicycle racing is as opposite from track racing as possible?”. Continue Reading →

Colorado RAAM Course Recon

I’ve just completed riding the RAAM course from Durango to Trinidad(and back again). Beautiful scenery was tempered by rain, snow, ice, and hail. Hopefully another month will raise the temperatures a bit.

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Austin Relocation


As of January 15, I have relocated to Austin Texas to ride out the winter and get in some serious miles on the roads rather than locked into a trainer inside my apartment in Chicago.The parents of a friend have kindly agreed to allow me stay in their house while I’m putting in some quality bike time. Amazing people to allow a complete stranger into their house. They mentioned they wanted to see what kind of person would do such an insane thing as race in RAAM.

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