Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-10

  • The madness of packing, obsessing and repacking for the #tourdivide is over. I am at the gate of my flight to Calgary. Thx @shifra007 #
  • Yeah! @NewYorker science fiction issue. Good way to unwind on the flight to riding through wilderness for a few weeks #tourdivide #
  • They let me in to Canada. #
  • Even the immigration officers were asking me about #tourdivide #
  • Rained hard all night. They closed the airport just after I arrived due to lightning. Could be a wet first few days on #tourdivide #
  • @cyclinghorse thx, here's hoping for sunny sky #
  • “@Litespeed_Bike: Good luck to Litespeed athlete Bryce Walsh on the Cohutta. Tour Divide kicks off this weeknd!” thx LS #
  • @akoch0629 yep, new ground for me. Ive done plenty of long stuff but this is a whole new ball game #
  • I seem to have to spend way too much time futzing with a garmin before each of my bigger races #
  • A huge thanks to the Banff Public Library staff for their patience with me and my gps #tourdivide #
  • @supertrackracer yes, but im a bit paranoid about getting lost on this one. #
  • #tourdivide updates on twitter at @MTBCast #
  • I've found the start #tourdivide #
  • Visit to local bike shop for a few bits and bobs #tourdivide #
  • Here we go #
  • I am stopping for a rest much earlier than anticipated. Rain, cold, and pushing my bike through snow on elk pass kicked my butt #tourdivide #
  • I complained about yesterday, that'll teach me. Today it took me 15 hours to do a century. This is one tough ride. #tourdivide #
  • People in Montana are extremely nice. Even to strange bikers #tourdivide #
  • Yesterday was a day that I could write a book about. It ended with me shivering uncontrollably in US Customs and not completely lucid. #
  • I hitched a ride to a hotel from the staff at us customs and hoped to return in the morning to continue from that point #
  • After much internal conflict in the morning about whether to ride, i hitched another ride to an urgent care 60 miles away in kalispell #
  • I now sit here with a case of pneumonia and a prematurely ended attempt at the #tourdivide #
  • I am gutted to have to stop. It's a new experience for me in ultra racing. This is one beast of a race #tourdivide #
  • @GeorgeSwain thx George, with only 2 days of it experienced I have some amazing memories. Huge respect those who race it #
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