Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-06

  • For those curious about the naked mile on #tda2012 #
  • Forgot to mention we crossed the 10000Km mark a few days ago. Seems like the tour just started, yet like ive been at this for years #tda2012 #
  • Stage 85 route board. More gravel #
  • @fourwhitefeet yikes guess I need to be a better commentator #
  • @markobaloh thx, yes a great deal of fun. A new and different adventure from the ultra races #
  • Racing a bike not so good on the rough gravel past 2 days, but riding a bike through this was amazing. #Tda2012 #
  • Stage 86 route board. Morning was like a nice club ride complete with coffee stop. After lunch tougher as we climbed #
  • Stage 87 route board, short day on dirt to fish river canyon. Finished at 11am even with headwinds #
  • @fourwhitefeet photos don't do the colors justice. Seemed like dinosaurs might run across the field at any time. Now switched to Utah like #
  • With my voracious appetite requiring I eat most everything on the menu ive developed a taste for deserts with amarula. Nice liqueur #Tda2012 #
  • Visit to Fish River Canyon – second largest canyon in the world. #
  • Stage 88 route board. Mando day, dirt, 172K #
  • OH at #tda2012 breakfast: "you can't fill a canyon with urine" and "why eat with table manners? When I eat like a machine" #
  • The bugs are big in Africa #tda2012 #
  • Stage 88 done. Beautiful ride in the morn on dirt, afternoon all about headwinds. 4th in the sprint(out of 4 left) #
  • Good luck to everyone at Calvin's Challenge, normally im there but the drive this year is a killer. #
  • For the first time on this trip I had to loosen my belt rather than tighten it. Catching up on the #caloriedeficit with 5 meals ystrday #
  • Can't say I'm happy to be well trained to wake up at 5:00am but I do see some great sunrises. Over the Orange river. #
  • 6 days to go in #tda2012 and it hit me I only have 1 month until ill be in Banff for the #tourdivide Where did the time go? #
  • I survived dinner at Felix Unite (or more appropriately they survived me) #TIA #
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