Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-29

  • Stage 78 route board. Thanks in advance to all the guys helping us today #
  • Stage 78. Wow that hurt. Raffa and I did an unofficial time of 5:42 which just breaks record for the stage. I of course lost the sprint #
  • Thx to Jon, jurgen, Alaric, Adam, Peter, and @csailer80 who flatted for working together. Team effort today to get the record for #tda2012 #
  • Stage 79 a 162K recovery ride #
  • A stop at gobabis bakery. Norbert says nothing here is German. The Germans hopes were dashed #tda2012 #
  • #tda2012 takes over the Gababas Wimpy's fast food joint like a swarm of milshake drinking locusts. #
  • OH on #tda2012 : "I like tall-ees(forties for the Americans) they make you feel like a miniature person" #
  • Stage 80 to a rest day in Windhoek Namibia #
  • Stage 80 race done at lunch. Mechanic Doug joined in and made sure it was animated and we didnt get lazy. Now easy 80k into Windhoek #
  • Alaric greeted by a big group of team Alaric supporters #
  • Thx to @tyekit I have a lovely room at Rivendell. Appropriate place to stay on a journey. #
  • @akoch0629 doubt it, 208K is considered far too far by these guys. I suspect they all think I'm disturbed doing the long hauls. #
  • Many trials on the #tda2012 4 months of no ales. Today managed a slight variation at a German beer house to a weizen. #
  • Each rest day I go to the market and stock up on food to eat in between meals at camp. Than I eat it that same night rather than save it. #
  • This weeks schedule. What will the dirt be like? #
  • Stage 81 route board #
  • The ride in with team Alaric in the local paper #
  • So much for coasting into capetown, hard race day w/ gravel and some climbing. Slapped by headwind to the finish. Tired #tda2012 #
  • Stage 82 route board. More dirt #
  • Top 5 in the race at Spreetshoogt pass just before a crazy gravel descent #
  • Stage 82 done and 2 slices of apple pie done, a 3rd iminent? #
  • Stage 83 individual Time Trial #
  • Stage 83 gravel road 30k time trial done. Followed by the tda traditional "naked mile" #
  • Sunset on the Sossusvlei dunes. Billed as the highest in the world. #
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