Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-22

  • Stage 72 route board #
  • Elephant Instructions #tda2012 #
  • Yesterday no elephants on the elephant hwy, did see giraffes. Than after dinner a large elephant ambles by the campsite. Amazing #
  • Stage 73 route board #
  • Stage 73 won by Jonathan . Big group sprint for 2nd #
  • Apparently manufacturers of both of my universal power adapters dont consider Botswana part of the universe. #
  • Stage 74 route board. Maybe a tailwind? #
  • Very flat tailwind aided stage 74. Doug joined us and hit the gas right from the start. Kinda reminds me of ND, different wild animals #
  • Rest day cities are starting to seem like Oz, a magical city where if we make it we can get anything we need or want. #tda2012 #
  • Stage 75 route board #
  • Stage 75 route board. Race to lunch. Top 4 took it easy so stage win was up for grabs and battle for 5th continued #
  • While rest days are built up to be Oz in our minds my room is definitly not in the Palace of Oz #tda2012 #
  • I am in a "coffee and pancake den". Pancakes are my opium. #tda2012 #caloriedeficit #
  • Starting our flight over the okavanga delta #tda2012 #restday #
  • Nice flight, fun in those smaller planes bouncing around. Elephants, giraffes, hippos, water buffalo and great scenery #
  • Stage 76 route board. #
  • The weeks schedule. 3 weeks to capetown. 18 stages to go. Flat days ahead. #
  • Stage 77 route. Team time trial/scavenger hunt #
  • Stage 77 was a bit silly. People swapping clothes and carrying roadkill to lunch. A symptom of 3+ months on the road in Africa? #tda2012 #
  • Tomorrow a stage more in my typical range 208K. See if we can make it a fast one. #tda2012 #
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