Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-15

  • How many milkshakes in one day would be considered excessive? #caloriedeficit #tda2012 #
  • Spending the day with @PowerOfBicycles in Lusaka. Exciting to see it at work. #
  • @sdoownek haven't quite made it to 10 yet, but another milshake and some gelato this evening #
  • Kristin, Brian, and Dave at WBR in Lusaka were awesome hosts. Great tour and got me fed and ready to hit the road again @PowerOfBicycles #
  • Here we go again. 3 days to vic falls. Renergized by recovery day with @PowerOfBicycles – Stage 68 route board #
  • Stage 68 done, big group today, tailwinds, more down than up, barely felt like I got on the bike. #
  • Stage 69 route board. 182K today #
  • Stage 69 route board. 182K today #
  • Actually doing a coke stop on a race day. #
  • Stage 69 done, easy cruise to last 30k. Tried a few digs but ended in 3 man sprint. Jon however was already done for likely 1st stage win #
  • Just in to camp, setup tent, showered under a trickle, and it starts raining as I have a savanna cider. We have been so lucky with the rain. #
  • Speed kills. Most every cyclist has one of these photos. Mine is from Zambia #
  • @marcoshea less than 4 weeks to go. Had a great time with WBR, will have more of the story up in a few days when im in vic falls #
  • Stage 70 begins. 151K to rest days in Vic falls #
  • Stage 70 done. Goofy finish, but now in Livingston near the falls #
  • @sdoownek yes, you drop you're 5 slowest days. Makes a bigger difference for raffa as he had a 12 hour day from riding the truck. #
  • My personal version of Flanders/Roubaix this year is Tour d'Afrique/Tour Divide. 3 weeks rest between. @tourdafrique #
  • My first time whitewater rafting coming up this morning. On the Zambezi #
  • Fantastic experience rafting. A few panic moments. Pictures coming later. #
  • @shifra007 just finished a muffin, a smoothie, coffee, and a chocolate sundae. After the lunch they provided #
  • @moonhead amazing time, I drank a large amount of the Zambezi today. #
  • Peter Hille, another #tda2012 rider has been creating video interviews for Duetsche Welle along the way. Timely one #
  • Victoria Falls, added to my list of attractions that are even better than described. #
  • Last sunset in livingstone #tda2012 #
  • This weeks schedule. Elephant Highway in Botswana #
  • Stage 71 route board. Cross into Botswana tomorrow. #
  • I still get a bit of excitement like a little kid to see hippos and elephants. Also impalas, crocodiles, fish eagles #
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