Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-08

  • Time to work on my clavicle prominence. As in eat much so they are a bit less prominent. #
  • Thanks to Cieran working in a shelter during the day long downpour, my bike is refurbished. #
  • New chainrings, cassette, chain, derailleur cable, cleaned out and re-lubed rear hub. Hopefully ready for the final 5000K #
  • A bit of guilt on rest days because I don't do anything other than eat and sleep. A new town to explore, but i become a sloth. #
  • Tomorrow is stage 63 of 94 of #tda2012 The tour de france is 21 stages. My soigneur and masseuse seem to have disappeared. #
  • Stage 63 route board #
  • One easy day so far. No race, flat, and tailwinds. At lunch now, crossing into Zambia in 50K #
  • Very nice ride today. Crossed border into Zambia. Stopped SPAR supermarket for snacks and I gorged on a big chocolate donut. #
  • Missed dinner, fell asleep. Luckily the campground bar has food. #
  • Stage 64 route #
  • Strange how a distance that for years has been a typical training ride now feels long in this race. Only 180K #everythingsrelative #
  • Stage 65 route board #
  • Full moon, Passover, Good Friday, my bday, and the 1st time we've had bacon at breakfast on #tda2012 A confluence of events pointing to.. #
  • Only managed 3rd on a hard day, but scored the family chalet at camp which is comfy. #
  • Had a string of unforgettable bdays. Cals bar 2 yrs ago, Arun with friends last year, and Zambia and #tda2012 this year. Thx to @shifra007 #
  • Very scenic spot for camp on the Zambezi river. Here's the view from the bar. #
  • Stage 66 route board. We climb tomorrow. Mando day. #
  • Stage 66 while hilly was not as tough as yesterdays stage. Sprint finish, 3rd again for me. #
  • Coke stop and I find a few world bicycle relief bikes. Help add a few more at: @PowerOfBicycles #
  • Stage 67 route board #
  • Stage 67 done. Battle for stage win and time amongst other riders. Rest of us easy group ride. #
  • I could have stood in that shower all night if my blood sugar wasnt low. Time take care of that #caloriedeficit #tda2012 #
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