Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-01

  • Stage 57 #
  • Lunch break and the race is over for the day. On to Malawi. #
  • Andrew handed me an iPod with Tom Waits Glitter and Doom Live. We talked about it while riding. A great way to wind down an excellent day. #
  • Done with a non-race day that took us to Chitimba Beach for a rest day. Grocery stop, a coke stop, and a beer stop enroute #tda2012 #
  • I am having a hard time not jumping into Lake Malawi, the water from the beach looks so good. #
  • Broke down and went for a swim, risky but had to enjoy the beach. #tda2012 #
  • This weeks schedule heading to Llongwe: #
  • Stage 59 route board – time trial #
  • Stage 60 mando day. A bit of climbing. #
  • Should have Internet in Lilongwe. Looking forward to seeing you #
  • Stage 60 finished. Managed 3rd. Rain passed by camp, but caught a few riders. Cool evening temp after hot humid nights #
  • Stage 61 route board #
  • Stage 61 done. Hit lunch stop at 8:30 am. Fast morn than mellow afternoon. Done at 10:20. Sprint finish #
  • The taxis in Kasungo #
  • Walked into a bakery and they had still warm bread. Better than a candy bar for me. #
  • Jay enjoying a Chibuku shake shake international beer after yesterdays ride. Best price by volume. Odd stuff corn based #
  • Rain coming down pretty hard now, our charmed trip across Africa may finally involve a wet day of riding. Hope the tent stays dry #
  • Stage 62 today was race to lunch. Easy group ride till last 15K than tough. Bike is in dire need of repair on tomorrow's rest day. #
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