Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-18

  • Here we go, once more into the breach that is Nairobi traffic #
  • Stage 47 done. That hurt… alot. Broken pavement and potholes for 55k, than 3 man group. Ouch #
  • The students at Napervilll Central High are doing good work. Look forward to talking with them. @PowerOfBicycles #
  • Stage 48 crossing border into Tanzania #
  • Stage 48 done. Waiting for cab to take me to hotel and 3 days off from racing. Feeling totally empty. Great view of Kilimanjaro. #
  • @sdoownek bribery. No Ive pulled the short straw a couple times. sometimes it hasnt been on the board #
  • I'm in Arusha, Tanzania. A bit sad to miss the opportunity for a safari, but need to rest and get healthy. #
  • Combined 3 of my less favorite things: Hospitals, Queueing, and Africa time. Maybe figured out why Im tired, losing weight, and bad stomach #
  • Not great news,but It is nice to know there may be a reason I've been struggling other than just being tired from 3600 miles of racing. #
  • @mickwalsh1 ill be fine. One more rest day will help. Than back to racing on dirt, so hope my strength is back quick #
  • 100000 bikes distributed by @PowerOfBicycles Lets add a few more. Donate at: #
  • Stage 49 #
  • 8 days of riding, maybe dirt. Weeks schedule #
  • Stage 49 done. Managed 2nd. No dirt today, the last 30K perfect new pavement. #
  • On the ride today saw my first maasai junior morans(warriors), intimidating in all black with white markings on their face. no pics #
  • Stage 50 route board #
  • Stage 50 done. Absolutely beautiful route, but the day was unkind to me. Thx to Allen for giving me some help at the end. #
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