Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-04

  • Stage 35 – 2 flats today my 1st of the race, one to lose Christian, second on final gravel descent. #
  • Running too low of pressure. Shame I have to increase. I like low pressure on gravel otherwise I bounce all over #
  • Stage 36 done. Hard slog on the gravel with a climb toward the end that hit 13%. Downhill no fun. Had to take it easy due to crap road #
  • "Sucker Pavement' – those brief sections of pavement in a gravel ride that make you think you might be done with the hard part #
  • Stage today was eventful. I had my own chaingate like @andy_schleck. Wrapped it around the crankarm and took some time to unwind. Solo chase #
  • . @csailer80 took the stage very strong today. Raffael snapped his rear derraileur. He had to wait for a loaner tda bike, punctures followed #
  • @shifra007 I nearly had beer come out my nose on that one #
  • Roads of Ethiopia – 2 very dented rims, 4 blisters on hands, 3 flats, 1 tired racer #tda2012 #
  • @sdoownek thanks dude, did I mention I have somehow fallen into the habit calling everyone dude here. Time warp. Watching Iditarod updates #
  • Stage 37 Yabello to Bush Camp 128km on tarmac. Skinney tires back on and dents banged out of rims. No images for a while #
  • Stage 37 done. Good day for me. Felt strong on the climb. No big change but maybe gained a minute or two #
  • Tomorrow we cross the border into Kenya. 4 more days of of gravel (lava rock) #
  • @clarepiep alls well here. Nearly out of Ethiopia. How'd it feel to return to real life? #
  • Almost made it out of Ethiopia without getting really sick, but it hit me the last night. Could barely manage 20k/hr. Hanging on to EFI #
  • Todays stage im told its very rough #
  • Next 2 days we are warned will get progressively worse. Today no picnic, but decent until last 10K. I felt good considering no food for day #
  • Tough day of not really off road, better described as crap road. 2 nights at a convent. They have beer. #
  • And chocolate. Rather than give change the nuns cross sell us big chocolate bars which isnt a very hard sell. #
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