Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

  • Following are a number of tweets that never made it through over the last days near the gorge in ethiopia #
  • Stage 27. Mando Day. A bit late but for reference. Posting images prone to failure out here #
  • View from the top of the blue Nile gorge #
  • Stage 29 climb to Highest point of tour #
  • Stage 30 to Addis Ababa and rest in hotel #
  • Finally back online, clean, and fed In Addis Ababa after fast race to lunch, mellow afternoon, and a choir of squealing brakes in a convoy. #
  • Stepped on a scale for the first time since coming to Africa. Already underweight for what I planned for the whole trip. #morecalories #
  • @shifra007 6 am now breakfast buffet opens soon. As usual sleep spotty in a nice bed #
  • Dinner last night: 3 trips through buffet, 2 trips to desert table, 2 beers, and a cup of coffee. Ready to eat again by midnite #
  • Yes, that is really me having breakfast at 6:45 on a rest day. We believe in early mornings #caloriedeficit #vq #
  • @supertrackracer hey dude need to put the name of the person you're responding to or it wont be seen. Just caught this by chance. #
  • Sitting at a rooftop pool, drinking a stout, followed by a steam room. Love the rest days. #
  • Happiness is clean bike clothes #tda2012 #
  • Stage 31 had a new stage winner. As we ate lunch Alaric was heading to the finish. Fun bit of racing though in last 15K #
  • First day in weeks where I didnt rely on vitamin I to keep the knee from complaining. #progress #
  • Stage 32 route board #
  • Terrible, horrible's what it is. Describes my day. No energy, lost lead group right after lunch. Garmin stolen by local kids at camp. #
  • Still when it gets right down to it, no big deal. Im still biking across Africa which is pretty damn cool #
  • Location update from SPOT #
  • Stage 33 done, very tame racing day top 3 decided to cross together. Kids getting more agressive. Only chant is "money". More rocks thrown #
  • Just saw we clicked over 4000Km for #tda2012 1/3 done. Seems like we just started yet still seems like ive been here for years #
  • Location update from SPOT #
  • Stage 34 done. Tarmac divided by sections of gravel and some mud. Different challenge. More stones and sticks #
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