Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-05

  • Stage 13 route board. Not very complicated when theres only 1 road #
  • Stage 13 done. Finished witth lead group. It is safe to say we all know who would be voted off racer island today. Forced skipped coke stop #
  • Sunsets in the desert are quite extraordinary. Pic from my tent doesn't do it justice #
  • Finish: dodge goats at checkpnt for sprnt #
  • 20k TT today to a chocolate malt and rest #
  • I am in a hotel with a toilet and shower and even wifi, I feel like I'm in future land #tda2012 #
  • poor sleep when clean in a regular bed, seems I have become acclimated to the #tda2012 already #
  • yep, jurgen is racing the #tda2012 Claims it opens his lungs. #
  • I just had my misplaced cell phone returned to me. I may now return to compaining about internet speed in the Sudan desert #
  • RT @tda2012: @BryceWalsh being taken out by the mask of zorrow girls <– TTs are serious business #
  • Managed second on the 20K TT yesterday. Happy with that for a short little stage #tda2012 #
  • @supertrackracer heh, old man legs, but also means old man strength #
  • Stage done. Played general and organized a rotating paceline to fight the wind. Jurgen, Raffael, and I got a gap. 2nd in sprint #tda2012 #
  • Two bikes stolen from camp last night. Report Is that the police are very nice and know the best restaurants. #
  • Stage 17 route board. Mando day. Time bonuses up for grabs #
  • If I were in mpls today rather than Sudan id ride the stuporbowl #nextwinter #
  • First time on the ground today. wheel in too tight a space. Bad day for it. Made it to finish 4th, gonna be sore #
  • @ahuntre a grand tradition I have yet to return for #
  • painful stage, washboard and sand. knee #
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