Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-29

  • Robert accompanied our ride across Aswan dam with a harmonica improv #
  • My first souvenirs. Gifts from the Egyptian riders we've been riding with. They also taught me some Arabic slang #
  • On the boat to Sudan.Will these people ever stop yelling? It seems no. Listening to my friend mikes iPod mix to escape the din. #Shipoffools #
  • Loading the boat has been many hours with people lying down in pathways, all open space has a person or some package in it. Pushing required #
  • This is our bikes on the ferry to Sudan. The most organized area by far #tda2012 #
  • in Sudan, no data access. very nice ridn #
  • ttt done,now wind aided ride into dongola #
  • @sdoownek thanks for putting the word out. Finally have some internet access again after being in the Sudan desert for a few days #
  • Back in communication for at least a couple days. Last 2 nights camping in the desert. So many stars visible at night. Stunning #tda2012 #
  • Here was the Stage 9 route board. Couldnt send in the desert #
  • Now camping at the Dongola zoo, perhaps the saddest zoo in the world as all the animals moved out. Now inhabited by cyclists once per year #
  • @akoch0629 oh yeah, a big off road race – tour divide. This one will have quite a few rough gravel roads #
  • New haircut and my first straight razor shave at a barbershop in Dongola, the latter could have gone a bit better. #
  • This is at customs to get into Sudan. #
  • Had discussion about American politics with a Sudanese poly-sci grad at breakfast. Interesting talk over eggs and pita #
  • @shifra007 shoestring with my timing thingy, so I dont lose it #
  • @shifra007 only if I kill it with my barehands, otherwise its just cheating #
  • @moonhead @shifra007 goes without saying #
  • I ate a whole chicken for dinner last night. Tonight just half a chicken. #caloriedeficit #tda2012 #
  • Stage 12 route #
  • Stage done. Whole lotta wind out there. Didnt contest the sprint. Moved into 2nd overall. Tent setup and baby wipe shower complete. #Tda2012 #
  • @scottraam send one my way, 2 weeks ina dry country. #
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