Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-22

  • Stage 3 done. 3rd place again, fast day much of it over 30mph. I got no sprint. #
  • @Kipphardt not too worried on the sprints, bit of joke since I dont usually do races shorter than 12 hours #
  • The gamesmanship has begun. Rutiger snuck away early today and skipped lunch to win the stage. #
  • The draw of a long shower has me in a hotel tonight. So much for that hard man image. #Htfu #
  • Learning south African English at a bar on the beach. New word of the day: Palaver #
  • Stage 5 route board. Bit of a climb coming up as we head back toward the Nile #
  • @shifra007 I wish there was a parka stashed in there #
  • @sdoownek it will be very interesting. They dont want to drop us, but like to push from lunch to the finish. I think avg speed will drop #
  • 2nd place today when the finish line was 17K earlier than expected. So it goes. Very easy day today. Feeling stronger every day #
  • Bus driver sidelines by selling beer at the campsite. Hes gonna make a killing off me on this trip #
  • Every day I arrive at camp, set up my tent, and an official comes over and tells me I cant set up there. Its become a running joke #
  • Real sprint among 4 or 5 guys today Raffael took it again. I managed 2nd. #
  • easy ride into Luxor along the canal as kids tossed rocks, swung sugar cane and yelled I love you, hello, or money #
  • Nice writeup from Dave at @ultramidwest about my 2012 see you in the fall guys #tda2012 #
  • Awoke by a succession of unintended alarm clock, roosters, dogs, and cyclists having breakfast. Nap to come #tda2012 #
  • Startline photo with camel ride proprieter that wanted in on the photo op #tda2012 #
  • @sdoownek not really quickly moveable with the winds it would just fly away #
  • Good summary from Ian @tda2012 of the first week #tda2012 #
  • Stage 7 tomorrow Luxor to Iufo. Nearly out of Egypt #
  • It seems my GPS tracker has been working the last few days, you can see where I'm at here: #tda2012 #
  • Stage 7 done, what started as a pleasant ride along the Nile turned into a lung bursting break #tda2012 #
  • through checkpoints, rock throwing children, crowds spilling into the road and manic drivers with a myriad of inexplicable moves #tda2012 #
  • First stage win. Stage 7 #
  • Camping on a soccer field. A lullaby of 3 or 4 competing muezzin sending me to sleep #
  • Stage 8 route board. Last race day before a few days getting into Sudan. #
  • Not too hard of a day, more obstacle course than race. Young Adam got away at a snarled rail crossing and rode in solo to the win. #
  • Next up the ferry to Sudan. 8 hours to load, 14 hours to cross are numbers thrown about. Efficient? Not so much #
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