Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-08

  • “@TheInfinitLoop: The sale rules are up.” Infinit 50% off sale. Only sports drink I can drink 20 bottles in one day #
  • @sdoownek Monday, 1 week to go #
  • 50% off infinit until noon. sale code THESALE2012 #
  • New bike for #tourdivide is nearly ready to roll #
  • @ahuntre usually not much, but I'll be wishing for it as I cross Sudan in a few weeks I bet #
  • @ahuntre sad news and cause for concern . I will not be in darfur. Further east #
  • Beautiful day to get rid of most of my possessions and throw the rest in a closet #
  • Malaria supply filed, salt tablets sorted, nearly done with my to do list #
  • Bike to the south pole #
  • I've accumulated a great deal of junk in 10 years. Nearly all donated, stored, or trashed now. Last night in the hobbit hole #
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