David Foster Wallace Dies at 46

Unrelated to endurance cycling. Well maybe not completely in that his major novel is over 1000 pages, an endurance effort for sure.

I opened up my browser this morning to see:

An Appraisal – Writer Mapped the Mythic and the Mundane

I immediately clicked through excited that perhaps David Foster Wallace had released a new book. I was sad to find that it was an obituary.

I often cite Infinite Jest as a favorite novel. I don’t often recommend it to friends, because it is huge and at times frustratingly complex and dense. For me though it is a book that makes me laugh out loud. It includes an incredibly vivid description of what it is like to walk out to the court with an opponent when competing in a junior tennis tournament. I may have never noted this experience without re-experiencing it through his writing.

If you aren’t up for 1000+ pages. check out:

Girl With Curious Hair

or there are numerous articles he penned for magazines out there on the web.

Rolling Stone Article about John McCain
The Weasel, Twelve Monkeys And The Shrub : Rolling Stone

Atlantic Monthly article about Radio Host John Ziegler

Gourmet magazine article about the Main Lobster Festival
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