1000K Outdoor Unpaced Track Record UMCA Rider Summary

The rider summary I sent to the UMCA for certification of the record.

Record attempt: 1000K Outdoor Unpaced Track Record
Name of rider(s): Bryce Walsh
Start date and exact start time to the nearest minute: 8/23/08 10:10:00.00am CST
Exact start location: Ed Rudolf Velodrome, Northbrook IL
What were conditions like? Hot and Humid, threatening rain.
Why did you want to do a record? I think of the 24 hour track record as the ultracycling equivalent of what the hour record is for traditional racers. Also, through the process of preparing for this record I would learn a great deal about training, myself, and racing that could than be applied to future races. It was be fun to organize an event near my home and do something unusual that would give me some staying memories.
What equipment did you use?  Lake Shoes, Rudy Project Syton Helmet, Cervelo P3C, Zipp Wheels, Powertap
What did you eat & drink? Infinit Nutrition, From 10 hours in I made the mistake of trying some solid food only to encounter stomach problems from that point on.
What was the best part? Riding at night with Mikes mixes playing over the speakers and friends from Turin Bike Shop clanging cowbells and yelling encouragement on each lap. Later as kids in the neighborhood took up the cowbells to make some noise and cheer me on.
What was the hardest part? Continuing on after the 24 hour mark. Hours 24-30 were mentally very difficult. The first 10 hours also were difficult as I was having some aches and pains that were hard to overcome.
Did anything particularly unusual happen? Some physical pains that were unexpected. I had expected the record attempt to be difficult mentally. I was surprised how physically wearing it became to hold an aero position. The most unusual thing was the way in which my mind coped with the monotony. I would often find myself thinking back on the previous evening or even hour and thinking it was a completely different race and location.
Exact finish location described so that someone else could find the same spot: Northbrook Velodrome Finish Line
Exact finish time: 8/24/08 7:01:03.99 pm

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