Two Cross-Country Cyclists Appear at Turin Bicycle in Evanston on Sunday, July 30th, from 3 to 5 P.M.

I will be doing a doing a question and answer session at Turin Bicycle this Sunday afternoon. Joining me will be Peter Hoogenboom who is riding through the US to raise awareness for Diabetes by riding through 48 states in 7 months. 2 different ways of crossing the US on bicycle.

Press Release

Bryce Walsh, who finished 5th place in last month’s 3,040-mile Race Across America and Peter Hoogenboom, a bike racer from Salt Lake City, riding The Dream Tour of 9,700 miles will speak at Turin Bicycle.

Walsh, a Chicago resident finished the race from Oceanside, CA to Atlantic City, NJ in less than 12 days. Walsh, 35, began ultra marathon cycling in 2003 to keep a friend company in the qualifying events for the 790 mi. Paris-Brest-Paris (P-B-P) brevet and so enjoyed the rides, he completed P-B-P with his friend that year. Since then, he has competed in the Furnace Creek 508 (miles) in California, Boston-Montreal-Boston, five 24-hour races, and won the 1200 Km Gold Rush Randonnee. Last winter, he put his freelance web development and programming business on hold and relocated to Austin, TX to train for The Race Across America.

Hoogenboom, a Salt Lake City native, will appear at Turin the day after his interview at Wrigley Field by Ron Santo. Hoogenboom, 47, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 33 years ago and has been racing and touring for the past 22, leading up to The Dream Tour of seven months to 48 states. He is sharing his success in living well with diabetes through self-management and an active, healthy lifestyle and wants to inspire all people with diabetes with this trip. He is three-quarters of the way through his Dream Tour, funded by the Bayer Dream Fund, which has a goal of demonstrating how diabetics can accomplish their dreams while managing their diabetes well. Learn more about Peter and his tour at

Both athletes, riding thousands of miles across America, are achieving their cycling vision in two different ways and have much to share about their experiences, including what motivated them, how they prepared, how they won support from family, friends, and financial backers, what challenges they faced en route, what equipment they’ve found most valuable, and, most of all … would they do it again.

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  1. Frank Paulo July 26, 2006 at 7:37 pm #

    Both Bryce and Peter demonstrate that seemingly impossible tasks can be accomlished through trainning, dedication, and vision. I applaud both of these atheletes.

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