Worst of mountains behind Walsh

UPDATE: Voicemail added from Thomas Bérubé. See the end of this post to listen to it.

Bryce has left Maryland and passed TS 52 in Rouzerville, PA.

Imagine being one thousand times more exhausted than you’ve ever been in your life. Your body started making outright demands for real sleep over 6 days and 2000 miles ago. Finally, when your legs absolutely refuse to pedal one mile further without a break, you are told that you are allowed to rest — for 3 hours. Then you are expected to get up, feel rejuvenated, and race well once again.

This is Bryce’s life right now.

With 7200 feet of climbing over the next two time stations versus 7600 feet over the last two, the tough stuff is not over for Walsh quite yet. However, the grades he faces today — with the noteable exception of a ridiculously steep grade at the Susquehanna River — are not quite as terrible as the day before.

If you believe in the power of Walsh, show your support on this web site.

Here’s the latest map:

As always, email carter@pundo.com with questions, comments, or any changes to the race that you know about, that haven’t been captured here.


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