Walsh now on home stretch

Now just past TS 54 in Georgetown, PA, Walsh just needs to hold steady. If he does, he will take 5th in his division and come in just a couple of hours ahead of Female Solo competitor Shanna Armstrong.

Here’s the latest finish ETA info for Bryce:

9 06/23/06 06:22 AM
10 06/23/06 05:08 AM
11 06/23/06 04:08 AM
12 06/23/06 03:18 AM
13 06/23/06 02:36 AM
14 06/23/06 01:59 AM
15 06/23/06 01:28 AM
16 06/23/06 01:00 AM
17 06/23/06 12:36 AM
18 06/23/06 12:15 AM

The crew reports Bryce is running strong and feeling great. “You know that big climb up from Susquehana River? Bryce took it like the cycling pro that he is. NO PROBLEM,” said Thomas Bérubé.

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Here’s the latest map:

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