Rejuvenated Walsh powers through Hanover

Things are looking up for Mr. Walsh. He just passed TS 53 in Hanover, PA, and the man looks strong. “He’s running better right now than he has in a long time,” said crew lead Thomas Bérubé. “He can smell the finish line from here, I think.”

Don’t let that low 6.82MPH average fool you: if you remove the 3 hour break Walsh took at TS 52, you’ll find his average speed was a simply awesome 14.19MPH.

Here’s a small table that shows Walsh’s finish line ETA as of TS 53, at various average speeds:

9MPH: 19h51m
10MPH: 17h52m
11MPH: 16h14m
12MPH: 14h53m
13MPH: 13h44m
14MPH: 12h45m
15MPH: 11h54m
16MPH: 11h10m
17MPH: 10h30m
18MPH: 9h55m

So, if Walsh can do 11MPH average (this includes any rest), he will arrive at the finish line at approximately 6AM EDT tomorrow (Friday).

If you believe in the power of Walsh, show your support on this web site.

As always, email with questions, comments, or any changes to the race that you know about, that haven’t been captured here.


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