Walsh soldiers on as Souza extends lead

Bryce has now made it out of West Virginia and is past TS 50 in La Vale, MD. Shortly after, Souza reached TS 51 and with it, a fat four hour lead over Walsh. Barring some sort of catastrophe, Sousa appears to have secured the 4th position.

Souza earned it.

But, Walsh has damn well earned 5th.

This in mind, the strategy now moves to one of securing this position. Bryce will concentrate on keeping his legs as fresh as possible (although, it’s hard to imagine fresh legs with 2,732 miles on them), and go back to his earlier game plan: one of consistency, control, and raw determination.

“Bryce feels relatively strong now so we’re going to keep pushing,” said crew lead Thomas Bérubé. “I wanted him to rest at the last timestation, but Bryce insisted that he push on.”

With a 12h lead over nearest athlete Guido Kunze, the luxury of having such choices must be a refreshing change for Walsh and team.

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Here’s the latest map:

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