With Souza looming, Walsh makes for WV

Bryce passed TS 45 in Athens OH about an hour ago. Sousa continues to give chase, and has shortened Bryce’s lead to 74 minutes.

Assuming Walsh plans to take a 4 hour stop in Parkersburg, and also assuming Souza will take the minimum required 2 hours, it appears certain that Souza will leave Parkersburg before Bryce. It’s probably best that we get used to that idea.

Then, the question becomes: can Bryce overtake him again in the mountains?

Stay tuned.

NOTE: keep checking the previous post on podcasts too, because I’m adding more as they come in.

Thanks for all your comments! They are being relayed directly to the crew chief and from there to Bryce. He’s lucky to have all of you to support him. Keep up the good work!

As always, email carter@pundo.com with questions, comments, or any changes to the race that you know about, that haven’t been captured here.


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