Stage set for epic battle in mountains

Bryce and Souza are both at TS 46 in Parkersburg WV, where Souza has managed to cut Walsh’s lead to a paltry 34 minutes. Here, both riders will rest off-bike for a minimum of two hours; although they may take more if they wish.

According to the crew, Bryce — while exhausted — remains high in spirit. “We are going to give Bryce the best chance to beat Souza that we can. He’s not giving up, and neither are we,” said crew leader Thomas Bérubé.

When the riders mount their bikes again, they will have another competitor to deal with: the Appalachians. While obviously not the elevation hell of the Rockies, these mountains are nevertheless daunting in their own right, and the riders are at least twice as exhausted as they were then.

Let’s make one thing clear: this is the ballgame, right here. This is all coming down to a full-scale battle for 4th by these two superior athletes, and it’s going to be fought in rough terrain to boot. The contenters: Souza, the seasoned athlete with literally scores of thousands of competitive endurance miles under his belt; and Walsh — the quintessential “sleeper” challenger — already performing far beyond what anyone expected, and who just refuses to submit.

Bryce believes he has this in him. He’s not giving up, and his crew isn’t either. Stay tuned, and if you believe in the power of Walsh, show your support here on this web site.

NOTE: keep checking the previous post on podcasts too, because I’m adding more as they come in.

Here’s the latest map:

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