Souza outlasts Walsh to reclaim 4th

At 12:45a, Bryce made it to TS 41 in Cambridge City IN, and competitor Kenny Sousa made it in exactly one-half hour before Bryce.

“Souza passed Bryce on the leg to TS 41,” said crew leader Thomas Bérubé. “When he came to pass, Souza was moving at a really good clip, about 30 miles an hour. Once Bryce saw Souza coming around, he just couldn’t help himself — Bryce sped up, apparently determined to chase Souza down.”

For about one-half hour, the two athletes battled for the 4th position, with Bryce following closely behind Souza. “I’d say for most of that time, they were moving at around 25 miles per hour, which at this point in the race, is really blazing,” said Thomas.

Finally, though, Bryce relented; deciding it best to stay on his race plan, and live to fight another day. Thomas said, “He wanted to make a point to Souza: ‘I’m here, I’m not going to just let you have fourth, you’re going to have to deal with me for the entire race.’” Even so, for now Bryce must concede the 4th position to the winner of this short duel.

Bryce and crew have decided to cycle through to Parkersburg, WV — roughly 200 miles from TS 41, and the 5th and final mandatory control point. As noted in earlier posts, these are points at which the riders are required to rest off-bike for a minimum of two hours.

Can Walsh catch Souza again, as he did a few days ago after battling stormy weather, while Souza ran in relative comfort? Clearly, Bryce believes he can. “I was worried he’d wear himself out after that stunt, but he seems good — great, even. All he wants to do is catch Souza. I think that taste of direct competition has lit a fire under him,” said Thomas. “He’s one of the most fierce competitors I know.”

To make matters worse, Bryce has another concern on the horizon: after Parkersburg, the climbs begin anew — this time over the Appalachians.

Thanks for all your comments! They are being relayed directly to the crew chief and from there to Bryce. He’s lucky to have all of you to support him. Keep up the good work!

Here’s the updated map:

As always, email with questions, comments, or any changes to the race that you know about, that haven’t been captured here.


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