No gain for Souza as Walsh sets tone

Bryce is past TS 44 in Circleville OH and is riding hard. He won back the 15 minutes that Souza gained over the previous leg, and is now 93 minutes ahead of him.

No update from the team, but last I heard, Bryce still plans to continue straight to Parkersburg, WV. The team is planning to rest Bryce for 4 hours with 3 of those being sleep. That should set him up nicely for the climbing roads ahead.

Weather-wise, things look good: a little overcast, not too hot, and low wind. Good cycling weather!

Thanks for all your comments! They are being relayed directly to the crew chief and from there to Bryce. He’s lucky to have all of you to support him. Keep up the good work!

Here’s the latest map:

As always, email with questions, comments, or any changes to the race that you know about, that haven’t been captured here.


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