Detour confusion likely costs Souza 4th

At TS 42 in Troy OH, Walsh crewmember Tanya Coyne didn’t know quite what to think. “The race officials there said Souza hadn’t appeared at TS 42 yet. This was concerning, as we never passed Souza on that leg.”

There was a brief period where Souza’s whereabouts were completely unknown. Then, 90 minutes after Bryce, Souza finally made it to TS 42 himself.

“There is a marked detour on that route,” says RAAM race director Jim Pitre. “Perhaps Souza took the detour and got lost. Other riders have had problems there as well.”

UPDATE: Jim just wrote me to clarify: “The detour as marked by the road construction people could have made a difference of a few minutes vs the RAAM Official detour route in the route book, but certainly not 40 minutes, so I assume Souza must have rested along the way or got lost.

“The Official detour route is clearly indicated in the route book, so failing to follow it is entirely a rider/crew issue. Several riders/crews followed the detour route as marked by the State Officials and did no follow the Official RAAM detour, however because they were ‘self penalized’ by taking a longer route, we did not issue any penalties in this particular situation.”

If this is what happened, the detour cost Souza dearly. At TS 41, Souza lead Walsh by 30 minutes. At TS 42, Walsh lead Souza by 90 minutes.

It’s also possible that Souza decided to rest in-between TS 41 and 42. Since he’s already taken the 40-hour minimum, Souza can now rest anywhere he wishes (with the exception of the upcoming final Mandatory Control Point, where he is required to rest).

Whatever the reason, Walsh now holds a tenuous grasp on the 4th place position.

Thanks for all your comments! They are being relayed directly to the crew chief and from there to Bryce. He’s lucky to have all of you to support him. Keep up the good work!

Here’s the updated map:

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