Update from crew leader

I just got off the phone with Thomas Bérubé mintues ago. Here’s his update:

DC: How is Bryce doing?

TB: Bryce is doing well — outstanding. He’s currently sleeping in Durango and we’re busy preparing for our departure and the upcoming climb. He’s looking good, but tired obviously.

DC: Tell me about the next part of the race.

TB: The next thing on our agenda is dealing with Wolf Creek Pass, which brings us to our highest elevation of the race. At this point, the effects of high altitude start to wear on the riders as much as the climbing itself. Fortunately, Bryce knows this part of the course well having ran it more than once in the past. He’s confident in his approach, and so am I.

DC: It appears to be a close race between Bryce and the #7 rider, Jean – Marc Velez. Is this something Bryce or the crew is paying attention to, or strategizing over?

TB: Bryce is concentrating on keeping steady, not paying too much attention to the other racers, which is what I’ve advised him to do. He is aware of them and where he’s at, but his focus is on staying the course. It’s too early to worry about going head-to-head with another racer, you will just burn yourself out. I told him not to worry about those sorts of matters until we reach New Jersey. Stay the course.

DC: Did you hear about Jure’ Robic dropping out?

TB: Yes. I talked to his crew not long ago. He apparently had water in the lungs, which is a fairly serious but common condition in races of this nature. I am confident he will fully recover and we will see him in future RAAM events. It takes more than that to keep an athlete like Robic down.

Thanks for the update Thomas! GO TEAM WALSH!


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