Walsh blows through 12, reclaims 7th position

Bryce is out of Arizona, and I can almost hear him saying “good riddance.” His current location (as of about 40 minutes ago) is TS 12 in Mexican Hat, UT.

It looks like your letters of encouragement are working. With a blistering 16.6 MPH average since TS 11, Bryce reclaimed the 7th position and looks poised to make a run at 6th with only 80 minutes separating him and the next rider. I still haven’t talked to the (probably now-ecstatic) crew leader, but I think it’s safe to say that Bryce is running extremely well right now and we should all be proud of him.

I still expect a call sometime tonight from the crew leader, so STAY TUNED!

PS: I’m passing on all notes of encouragement left in the comments area of this website directly to Bryce. Thomas (the crew captain) can’t stress enough how important your support is to a rider in a race like this. Please use this tool to make yourself a crucial component in Bryce’s success. You can also email me your comments, but putting it in the comments section here can only help generate more excitement for everyone.

Here’s the updated map:

As always, email carter@pundo.com with questions, comments, or any changes to the race that you know about, that haven’t been captured here.


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