Walsh bears down, ramps up through 11

Bryce just blew by TS 11 in Kayenta, AZ about 50 minutes ago.

Holding on solidly to 8th, Bryce really got his back into it and improved his average MPH dramatically over the previous leg–from 8.28MPH to 15.63MPH. That is smoking, people.

I still haven’t received a field update from the crew chief, but expect one any time now. STAY TUNED!

PS: I’m passing on all notes of encouragement left in the comments area of this website directly to Bryce. Thomas (the crew captain) can’t stress enough how important your support is to a rider in a race like this. Please use this tool to make yourself a crucial component in Bryce’s success. You can also email me your comments, but putting it in the comments section here can only help generate more excitement for everyone.

Here’s the updated map:

As always, email carter@pundo.com with questions, comments, or any changes to the race that you know about, that haven’t been captured here.


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