Field update from the crew

Relayed to me via phone by Thomas Bérubé, Bryce’s crew leader:

“Bryce started the race yesterday (Sunday) at 9:00AM. The first 100 miles were very strong. The day grew very hot–over 100 degrees most of the day–and by late in the afternoon Bryce showed signs of heat exhaustion.

“Towards evening, we pulled him off the bike for 2 1/2 hours. When we got him off the bike, Bryce was suffering badly from the heat: shaking, cramping, and obviously dehydrated. We fed him and watered him well, gave him some electrolyte capsules to help with the dehydration, and then sent him to sleep it off.

“Once back on the bike, Bryce began to steadily improve. He was much better today and even during a big climb, was flying up the hill.

“Bryce passed two other athletes today, one of which prides himself in his climbing ability, and Bryce easily passed him on today’s climb. I take this as a very good sign and see Bryce making up the lost time from the heat exhaustion.”


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