3 Days to RAAM Start

Hard to believe that the race is just days away. I am now in Los Angeles. Waiting for crew members to arrive and preparing to pick up the RV before heading down to Oceanside CA for the various pre-race hoops to jump through.

I’m feeling good, if a bit anxious. All the training is over. All 8500+ miles this year. Running errands and organizing is nearly at an end. All I have left is to go for a bike ride.
Special thanks to all the people who came out to Cals last Thursday night and everyone who sent in donations. The help is greatly appreciated.

Some additional sponsors have signed on in the last few weeks. Turin Bike Shop, Lake Shoes, Insight Sign Company, and Ametric Supply Company.

The crew will be posting updates here throughout the race or checkout the reports at www.raceacrossamerica.org.


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