Austin Relocation


As of January 15, I have relocated to Austin Texas to ride out the winter and get in some serious miles on the roads rather than locked into a trainer inside my apartment in Chicago.The parents of a friend have kindly agreed to allow me stay in their house while I’m putting in some quality bike time. Amazing people to allow a complete stranger into their house. They mentioned they wanted to see what kind of person would do such an insane thing as race in RAAM.

The first few weeks were slow going on the bike. Hills and wind and general lack of condition from the winter resulted in some days of struggle, and tired post ride evenings. I had looked forward to living in Austin with its famous music scene, but have found I typically do not have the energy for going out at night. Only one music evening so far in 5 weeks.

As the weeks have gone by, my condition has improved. Average speeds are just starting to rise. Hopefully they will get quite a bit better.

It is always interesting to drop yourself in a new environment away from all the comforts and patterns that are part of a settled life. While this is not like a vacation in which I am constantly experiencing new things, it has a similar positive effect. The current state of my life and what to do in the future are constantly reexamined.

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