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Hoover DamThis year I have spent 2 weeks in Las Vegas. 1 week in January escaping the chicago winter and building base miles and 1 week in September attending Interbike and perparing for the Furnace Creek 508.

In January I was able to ride with 2 of the local cycling clubs, the Las Vegas Bicycle Club and the Green Valley Cyclists. Both clubs were great to ride with, but had different cultures. The Las Vegas Bicycle Club was a relaxed social group, while the Green Valley Cyclists were a younger more agressive group pushing a pretty good tempo for a full century.

I was happily surprised with the quality of riding around Las Vegas. Primarily I rode the Red Rock Canyon loop and circled a portion of Lake Mead.

A tip that is often not found on local cycling websites is how to navigate from the Las Vegas strip to Red Rock Canyon. Here is the route i took most recently while staying at the Frontier.

  1. Exit the Frontier parking lot onto Left(West) onto Stardust Road
  2. Right(North) on Industrial Road
  3. Left(West) on W Oakey Blvd
  4. Right(North) on Durango
  5. Left(West) on Charleston.

Charleston will take you out to Red Rock Canyon. Be sure to fill up on water and grab a few calories near the Durango Charleston intersection as food is hard to find once you get out of the city.


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  1. boojit October 31, 2005 at 6:29 pm #

    hi bryce looooking gooood man. I will make sure to fill up on water and grab a few calories near the Durango Chareston Intersection.

    That is a good name for your eventual autobiography: “Fill Up On Water and Grab a Few Calories Near the Durango Charleston Intersection: The Bryce Walsh Story”

    Ok bye


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